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‘The Nordic Chillout Album’ was released August 2nd 2007, and is available for sale worldwide from all digital music stores, including iTunes.

It is also available on Spotify

(If you haven’t heard about Spotify, they’re probably not available in your country yet, – check out their web at www.spotify.com for more information)

All songs are also available for licensing, send me a message about your intended use, and I’ll get back to you, or license directly from Getty Images (Music division) at www.pumpaudio.com or at JinglePunks;, http://www.jinglepunks.com/ .

Songs from this album has been used on several occations by large and small companies, both in Norway and elsewere in the world.


Here’s an English translation of a 5-of-6-star-review of the album from the Norwegian newspaper TA.

If your browser doesn’t support iFrames, the page will not display – then, press the link.


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