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Hello! My name is Njal Frode—Welcome to my web!

I always work for getting the best result and the right sound and attitude.
I have full respect for all music-styles, and I work with everyone from beginners to established professionals.
You can think of me as your personal chef! Only in music!:)
Check if I’m online—if so the chat box is down in the right corner— and you are welcome to have a chat with me!


NEWS: September 2014
I am getting separate webs up for my mixing service and my mastering service, for international clients.

You are welcome to check out:

http://www.hydroparkmastering.com/ – for mastering


http://www.realonlinemixing.com/ – for mixing



NEWS: August 2014

The Scandinaian Streaming Service WiMP has just released an 3 track EP with the fabulous US rock band ‘Rival Sons’, from a session this summer.

I was the engineer for that session, in Juke Joint Studio, and also I mixed and mastered the songs, in my own studio, Hydroparken Studio!

Here is the release page on WiMP


And here is an article about it in WiMP Magazine (translated from Norwegian by Google)

And some pictures from the session:
Njal og Rival sons - mikserom-2 Njal og Rival Sons - mikserom-1 njal-rival sons

Update 10. September 2014: the video of ‘Where I’ve been’ is released!


Scott Holiday (guitar):
“The end result speaks for itself.
The final mixes are very warm and well balanced ..a feeling of being in the room right next to us.
We believe it came out pretty darn nice…”

Scott Holiday, Rival Sons, September 2014





What I do:
From my own studio, Hydroparken Studio, situated in the Hydroparken art and industry area of Notodden, Norway, I do digital mixing and mastering.
Customers include famous Norwegian producers, and Major Label Record company Warner Music, and lots of other artists and record labels.
Work I have done have been nominated for awards.

In the neighboring studio Juke Joint Studio, I do analog and digital recordings in a large custom-build studio, with 5 meters to the roof in the recording area, and a Auditronics 501 analogue mixer (that once was the property of Stax Studio in Memphis).
There I record to 2 inch tape or Pro Tools, and with lots of analogue processing opportunities and also some very special mics.
Most of the recordings I do there, I mix and master in my own studio, since my own studio is more optimized for those two processes.



Mixing in Hydroparken Studio
Mixing in Hydroparken Studio



And, here’s clip from the news on the national broadcaster in Norway, NRK, about a band doing recording in Juke Joint Studio with me as an engineer, here I’m talking about the Auditronic 501 mixer (facebook post, allow some few seconds for it to load):



Now: with a Gold-record for mastering (autunm 2013)! :)
Certified by IFPI
(press on the pictures for larger versions)

Njal Frode Lie og Gullplaten, med Notodden og Hydroparken i bakgrunnen Gullplaten, - inskripsjonen på plakettenFra gullplaten - sertifiseringen av bransjeorganisasjonen ifpi

Link to article at the NRK web (national broadcaster and news company): http://www.nrk.no/ostafjells/telemark/gullplate-til-telemarking-1.11253387
Link to sound direkte-intervjuet på NRK : http://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-telemark/dkte02018913/20-09-2013#t=9m52s
Link to article in ‘Telen’ (local newspaper): http://www.telen.no/kultur/gulltrofe-til-njal-1.8077557
Link to article in ‘Varden’ (county newspaper) : http://www.varden.no/kultur/njal-frode-har-mikset-seg-til-gullplate-1.8075958
All links in Norwegian


Artists and companies I have done work for includes:  Rival Sons (recording, mixing and mastering the WiMP session EP summer 2014), Warner Music (mastering), Bluestown Records (recording, mixing, mastering), Nordic Records (mixing, mastering), Hallgeir Rustan, StarGate Studios Trondheim (mastering),  Ronny Wikmark (mastering), Torstein Flakne (mastering), Håvard Soknes (mastering), Philter (mastering), Terje Tysland (mastering, Stage Dolls (mastering), Sie Gubba (mastering), Shy for Shore (mastering), (Sebachri (mastering) , Kate Havnevik (mastering), Too Far Gone (mastering), Rosenborg (mastering cupfinalelåten 2013), Haakon Graf (mastering), Hege Øversveen (mastering), Hovedøen Social Club (mastering), Gisli (mastering), Elíza ( Geirsdóttir ) Newman (mastering), Hanne Tveter (mastering, og miksing og mastering), Wolfram (mastering), Lars Wagle (mastering),  Trond Ytterbø (miksing, mastering, opptak), Spoonful of Blues (opptak, miksing, mastering), Medium Kitchen (mastering), Rita Engedalen (opptak, miksing, mastering), Geir Vindel (mastering), Margit Bakken (mastering), Jens Olav Haugen (miksing, mastering), Blow Out (Re-mastering), Kåre Virud (opptak, miksing, mastering), Kim Rune Hagen (låtskriving, opptak, miksing, mastering, produsering), Norske menn i hus og hytte (mastering),  Elly Marvellous (miksing, mastering), Hjerterto (mastering), Woman in Blues (opptak, miksing, mastering), Lazy Lester (opptak, miksing, mastering), Terry Lehns (mastering), Glenn Main (mastering), Barbed Wire (mastering), Aggie – aka Agnete Johsen (mastering), Peer Gynt (mastering), Birthday Girls and many many more.

Over the years I have worked with customers from Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Saint Lucia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

Some for mastering, some for mixing and mastering.



Customer testimony from Hallgeir Rustan, StarGate Studios AS, Trondheim, Norway
I have just had an album mastered by Njal Frode at NFL Produksjoner, and I am very pleased with both the result and the process!
The customer service was very good, everything was met with an attitude of ‘I can do that’ and nothing became any problem even thought the deadline was moved closer under the process.
The mastering was delivered before deadline, and the result was very good.

I can therefore recommend mastering at Njal Frode Lie, and NFL Produksjoner

Trondheim, Norway, June 10th, 2013

Hallgeir Rustan, StarGate Studios AS, Trondheim, Norway
Hallgeir Rustan was a part of the original Stargate team in Norway, and has been a part of making over 40 top-10 hits in Great Britain, and selling over 25 million records


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Here’s a facebook post with video link from the local newpaper Telen video of the press conferance from the opening of Juke Joint Studio in the brand new building, January 2014

Some of the nominations and awards my customers have received:

Lazy Lester (US blues legend, Louisiana/California USA) ‘You Better Listen’
Nominated for three US Blues awards in 2012:
“Traditional Blues Album Of The Year”
“Traditional Blues Artist Of The Year”
“Harmonica Player Of The Year”
Work Njal did on this: recording, mixing and mastering

Andrea Desmond (Seattle, US), various songs, and the ‘Milk and Rain’ EP:
Nominated for: Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Artist in Music Awards, 2013
The song ‘Run’ won the first place in the Eco Arts Awards: Songs of Freedom Competition.
Work Njal did on this: mixing and mastering

Jens Olav Haugen (Akkerhaugen, Norway), the album ‘Other Streets’
3.rd place  in ‘The International Songwriting Competition’ 2013, in the instrumental class, with the song ‘Remembrance’ from the album ‘Other Streets’
Work Njal did on this: mixing and mastering

Rita Engedalen (Jondalen, Norway) ‘Chapels and Bars'; nominated for ‘Spellemannsprisen’ 2011 (the Norwegian Grammy).

Work Njal did on this: recording, mixing and mastering


Check out the review in Blues Avenue, USA for the album Sinners (click for full review, full album on Spotify link from the customers sound page)




Here is a radio commercial for my services (in Norwegian) if you’d like to listen. I play guitar and talk a little about my services and music styles.


Have a listen to this ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’ mixing & mastering demo…
(please wait for the soundcloud player to load, it can be some few seconds)


And, you can listen to music I have mastered, and mixed & mastered on the sound of my customers page (Spotify-links, iTunes links, and some youtube videos)