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Welcome to my website!

Here’s the view from my studio, august 2015 :)

View from my studio summer 2015


Mixing at € 350 Euros per song

Mastering at € 50 Euros per song

Contact: njal.frode.lie@nflproduksjoner.no


Artists, producers and record companies I’ve done work for, includes:

Rival Sons (recording, mixing and mastering of the three tracks on the WiMP EP summer 2014, where one track later was used on side B on the vinyl singel released on Record Store Day 2015
Warner Music (mastering)
Hallgeir Rustan, StarGate Studios Trondheim (mastering)
Ronny Wikmark (mastering)
Torstein Flakne (mastering)
Philter (mastering)
MGP Jr. (mastering)

And also: Håvard Soknes (mastering),Becca (mastering), , Terje Tysland (mastering, Stage Dolls (mastering), Rita Engedalen (opptak, miksing, mastering), Sebachri (mastering), Kate Havnevik (mastering), Too Far Gone (mastering), Rosenborg (mastering cupfinalelåten 2013), Haakon Graf (mastering), Hege Øversveen (mastering), Hovedøen Social Club (mastering), Gisli (mastering), Sie Gubba (mastering), Elíza ( Geirsdóttir ) Newman (mastering), Hanne Tveter (mastering, og miksing og mastering), Wolfram (mastering), Lars Wagle (mastering), Shy for Shore (mastering), Bluestown Records (opptak, miksing, mastering), Nordic Records (miksing, mastering), Trond Ytterbø (miksing, mastering, opptak), Spoonful of Blues (opptak, miksing, mastering), Medium Kitchen (mastering), Geir Vindel (mastering), Margit Bakken (mastering), Jens Olav Haugen (miksing, mastering), Blow Out (Re-mastering), Kåre Virud (opptak, miksing, mastering), Kim Rune Hagen (låtskriving, opptak, miksing, mastering, produsering), Norske menn i hus og hytte (mastering), Elly Marvellous (miksing, mastering), Hjerterto (mastering), Woman in Blues (opptak, miksing, mastering), Lazy Lester (opptak, miksing, mastering), Terry Lehns (mastering), Glenn Main (mastering), Ivar Fritjof Hansen (mastering), Barbed Wire (mastering), Aggie – aka Agnete Johsen (mastering), Peer Gynt (mastering) and many many more…


This web is under re-construction, for more content and info, check out my Norwegian site at www.nflproduksjoner.no

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